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greens-and-fruits-deactivated20 asked “I'm vegetarian at the moment but i wanna go vegan. do you have any tips?:)”

Hey sorry this is a bit late. The advice I’m gonna give you worked best for me. And that is research. Research what’s in animal products, how dairy and egg farms treat their animals, how bad it is for your health (even the local organic stuff) and you’ll never want to eat animal products again. 

Also research ways to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins and all that.

Good luck :) 

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((Fyi this blog is very much alive and I haven’t forgotten you guys. I’ve just been busy with school and couldn’t think of any ideas)) 

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(Bakery in picture)

(Bakery in picture)

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Wow. I LOVE you guys! Only a few days of this blog being open and I already got 100 followers!

Here’s some vegan cookies for my awesome followers <3
I appreciate all of you <3

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I put number 11 after number 12 by accident. I’m sorry for the mix up.
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Link to current A.L.F. prisoners

Link to current A.L.F. prisoners

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Submitted by unfamiliarfamiliarity

Submitted by unfamiliarfamiliarity

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